Romania Visa Requirements

  • Covering letter ( should indicate designation & purpose of travel)
  • Invitation from a person / company registered in Romania. This invitation must be presented in original printed from authenticated by the Romanian Authority for Foreigners.
  • 2 Visa application form filled and signed by the applicant at the Consular section.
  • 2 recent passport size photographs( not older than 6 months-white background non-glossy paper)
  • Business documents (NTN, Membership certificate. Co. Registration etc)
  • Bank statement – not older than 3 days with 10,000 Euro or 75,000 Euro for long stay business visa. (Personal & company bank statement)
  • Business Proof with Romanian company
  • Return Ticket + 1 Copy
  • CNIC copy
  • Hotel reservation or the complete address of the Romanian / Pakistani host.
  • Valid Police Character Certificate (original and copy).
  • AIG Insurance + 1 copy
  • Original Passport (all previous passports attached) valid at least 6 months beyond intended staying.
  • Visa fees: Rs. 5175/-
  • Services charges Rs. 1000/-

Processing Time: 20 Days

Visa Submission Day: Wednesday between 10am to 1pm

It is not compulsory to present an invitation for the foreign citizen who:

  • Proves with documents that is owner / associate of a firm / company registered in Romania;
  • Is in possession of valid visa for Schengen States, USA, UK or Canada.
  • Intends to attend trade fairs and provides documentation attesting the planned participation (stall booking, correspondence with the fair organizer);
  • Presents an introductory / guarantee letter by a Pakistani or Romanian Government Institution (original and copy);
  • Proves that is married to a Romanian national.

Travelers to Romania must apply personally at the Embassy of Romania / Consular Section which will grant the visa only with the prior approval from the Romanian Authority for Foreigners. This process usually takes around 30 working days.

B. Entering in Romania, at the border, the visitor has to present the following:

 - Valid passport with legal Romanian visa.

 - Invitation in Original (only for travelers under item No.1).

 - Return ticket.

 - Evidence of possession of 100 USD per day for the whole period of staying.

All the documents for the issuance of the Romanian visa have to be attached in a file.

WARNING It is illegal to submit fake or computer generated documents! In this case, all your documents will be sent to the competent authorities.


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